Red Robin – The Truth Within Lies (Part 2 of 2)


[ At the dance floor table]

  • “Commissioner Gordon?” – Tam said, noticing the newcomer. – “Is he coming to have diner with his daughter? Isn’t that Alfred with him?”

Tim turned around, and saw Gordon, and Alfred besides him, as the former waved at someone on the upper floor. Wayne looked up and was rather surprised in seeing Lucius, on a table with Vicki Vale.

  • “No, apparently, they came to have diner with you father.” – Timothy said.
  • “My father?” – Tam repeated, turning her head immediately, noticing her father for the first time in the room – “Oh, God…”

Lucius noticed the young couple looking at him, and waved at them,a wake that Tam returned awkwardly. She saw Vale leave the table, then her dad get up from the chair, and immediately she turned, trying to sink in the chair..

  • “Oh, God, he’s coming down, isn’t he?” – Tam asked, half-knowing the answer already.
  • “Yes, he is..” – Tim informed, and glancing over his shoulder and to the window, he added – “And Alfred, Gordon, Babs e Dick are coming over too..”

Tim could only smile sympathetic as the night he had planned had already been blown to bits by all the unexpected guests… Alfred and Jim got to their table at the same time as Lucius, and Dick and Babs came just behind the CEO. Gordon was surprised to see his daughter, and Alfred was surprised to see Tim, and Lucius was surprised to see everyone but his two old friends.

  • “Barbara, what a surprise.” – Jim said, with a smile.
  • “Hi, dad.”- Babs replied, receiving a loving kiss on the cheek from her dad. – “Dick made me a surprise and invited for diner.”
  • “Good evening, Commissioner.” – Dick greeted the man – “Its good to see you again.”
  • “Good evening, Richard.” – Gordon replied, amicable, and looking at the two teens with her daughter, he added – “And Stephanie, and Damian”
  • “Hello, Commissioner Gordon.” – Stephanie greeted him
  • “Hello everyone!” – Lucius greeted them all.

Tamara looked from her seat, feeling awkward, and said:

  • “Hello, Dad.” – Tam greeted.
  • “Mr. Fox.” – Timothy said, rising from his chair.

Alfred noticed Tim and Tam, and approached them…

  • “Good evening, Master Tim, Miss Fox.” – Alfred greeted them.
  • “Good evening, Alfred.” – Tim said, shaking the old man’s hand
  • “I didn’t know you were meeting this beautiful lady tonight, Master Tim” – Alfred said.
  • “And I didn’t know that you were meeting old friends tonight.” – Tim said, half sarcastic – “And I guess we both didn’t know that Dick was taking Babs, Damian and Steph for diner also… but, that happens.”

Alfred looked at Dick, Babs and the two teens with them, and said:

  • “Indeed, it happens.” – Alfred said…

Jim approached the couple, greeting both of them, and Dick, Babs, Steph and Damian came closer, forming an agglomerate of people in the middle of the floor, what caught the maitre‘s attention. He came by, and addressed them:

  • “Pardon me, Gentlemen.. are you all together?” – the Maitre asked

Dick, Tim, Babs, Tam and Lucius exchanged looks, but before they could speak, Damian, with a innocent face, got near Babs’ father and said:

  • “Oh yes, we are!” – Damian said, earning incredulous glances from everyone but Jim Gordon – “You see, sir, we met by chance, but we are all friends and family.”

Damian kept his performance, despite the looks he was receiving from the others, and turning to the Commissioner, he said:

  • “Wouldn’t it be nice if we all got a big table?” – Damian asked, with an innocent face and bright, hopeful smile.

Jim Gordon looked at the boy a bit awkward, and padded his head, looking at the rest of the group:

  • “Well, a guess that’s a good idea.” – Jim said, looking at the others.

Tim, Babs and Steph looked sharply at the younger Wayne, that kept his act nevertheless, and Dick, Alfred and Lucius, after exchanging several glances, nodded in agreement.

  • “Good then, if you all follow me, I will order the waiters to move all your orders and drinks to your new table.” – The Maitre said.
  • “Isn’t that great? All of us sitting together?” – Damian asked, with his flawless innocent smile.

The Boy wonder kept his act until Gordon turned away, and them Tam noticed, the hard glances from Dick, Tim, Babs, Alfred and Steph, and the evil smile that crept on Damian’s face…

  • “The night has just turned interesting.” – Damian said, with an expression worthy of Ras Al’Ghul himself.

[At the big table – after diner]

Tam Fox was sure that Tim Wayne was going to kill Damian. And he would have help, plenty of help. Damian was lucky that Stephanie and Timothy were not near him on the table, or one of the two would have strangled him already. Babs also wanted to kill Damian, and Dick, well, Tam was pretty sure that the older Wayne brother was mildly amused by the Younger Wayne Brother’s performance…

Damian had managed to tick Tim off three times, Stephanie two times, every single time with a expression of pure innocence that would have fooled everyone but the offended parts. The only reason why he didn’t do more was because Barbara Gordon had the foresight to sit next to the little troublemaker, and held him by his ear a number of times, until Damian decided that losing a ear wasn’t worthy the trouble. Truth be told, it Babs had been easy on the kid until he asked her dad if Dick had asked her hand formally or if his daughter and Wayne’s oldest son were going to elope… after that, Jim, Lucius and Alfred decided that this was way too much serious topics and started to share embarrassing stories of their children, much to Dick’s, Bab’s and Tam’s dismay.

  • “Oh, Please, can you call Pru and ask her to kill me?” – Tam asked Tim in a dramatic tone.
  • “Come now, it is kind of funny.” – Tim said, trying to comfort her, sorta of.. – “A bit humiliating, but amusing…”
  • “You’re not helping…” – She replied with a growl.
  • “Ok, ok…” – Tim conceded, as he looked around…

Tamara rested her head on his shoulder, with no hope of escaping those horror stories of her childhood that her father loved to tell, when Tim intervened.

  • “Ok, come with me…” – Wayne commanded.
  • “Come where?” – She asked.
  • “You’ll see.” – He said, with a charming smile.

She raised her head, looking at him with curiosity, as he rose from his chair and moved to help her out. The others noticed his movement, and looked at the couple:

  • “Where are you going, Tim?” – Dick asked.

Timothy simply smiled, not answering the question, as he held Tam’s hand and walked away from the table:

  • “Enjoy the dessert, guys.” – He said.

As they moved away, and towards the stairs, Tam asked again:

  • “Where are you taking me, Mr Wayne?” – She asked.
  • “You’ll see, Miss Fox” – He replied again.

The two young adults went down to the main floor, and Tamara noticed a dozen individuals, all dressed uniformly, prepping instruments to be played. Immediately she stopped on her tracks, already understanding what her date wanted:

  • “Oh, no, no..” – Tam said – “Tim Drake Wayne, you better not be planning what I think you are planning to do.”

Timothy grabbed her hand again, this time not letting go, and kept going:

  • “I came here to night to be with you, Tam.” – He said – “As much as I like your father, Alfred, my friends and my brothers, I didn’t come here to enjoy they company, I came here to enjoy your company, yours and yours alone.”

He turned to her, bringing her close to him, as his hand moved to her waist:

  • “We survived a bunch a ninja, saved the day and protected the Wayne legacy… I think we deserve to have some fun ourselves.” – He added.
  • “What about all the people? This will make our engagement problem even worse!” – She pointed out.
  • “Let them talk… the only thing that I care today is that you’re here with me, and I would not have it any other way.” – Tim said.

Tam felt her heart pounding, and he knees trembling slightly with those words… Her brown eyes fitted the blue of his eyes, as she smiled happily…

  • “So, we’re back to the part when the hero trying to impress the girl?” – She asked, moving her head closer to him…

He smiled charmingly and got even closer:

  • “No, that’s the part when he kisses the girl.” – He said, his breath tingling in her skin.
  • “Good, I love this part.” -she said in a whisper, half-opening her mouth, welcoming him to a kiss…

[ On the Upper Floor]

Alfred heard the sweet melody of Moonlight Serenade playing on the main floor, and he turned from the table to look at the band, but he got a surprise when he looked down.

  • “Oh, My…” – Alfred exclaimed, getting the attention of Jim, Lucius and Stephanie
  • “What happened, Alf…Oh… Oh my…” – Jim Gordon said, as he looked down.

Immediately, Lucius and Stephanie, that were closer to the ledge turned to see what was the commotion all about, and they were shocked… Steph felt as if something had ripped her guts off, as she watched her former something kissing that girl the same way he used to kiss her. ‘No,not the same way…‘, Stephanie thought. Tim wasn’t the same, he had grown, matured, and that wasn’t the enthusiastic, energetic, juvenile kiss that she had been kissed before; this was intimate, deep… an adult kiss.

  • “Tamara?” – Fox exclaimed, as he witnessed his daughter kissing Timothy Wayne.
  • “What is happening?” Dick asked, rising from his chair, and seen the scene – “Oh… Oh! Babs, you have to see this.”
  • “See what? What are you do…??” – Barbara asked, confused, as Dick grabbed her chair and moved her close to the balcony – “Dick, what are you …Oh!!”

Barbara Gordon smiled for a moment, as she saw what they were seen, but she immediately looked away, as she noticed Stephanie rising from her chair and moving away towards the terrace. Barbara knew about her pupil and Tim, and she looked at Grayson, and said:

  • “I’ll go after her.” -Barbara said.

Dick nodded his head, moving away so that Babs could maneuver her wheelchair. He got closer to the rail as did Damian… Jim patted Lucius in the back and said:

  • “Well, Lucius, I guess congratulations are in order, pal.” – Gordon said.
  • “I guess you’re right…” – Lucius said, still surprised.

Downstairs, in one of the tables, Vicki Vale shared the same surprise, as she was certain that the girl had lied to her to justify her presence at the manor that night. As she observed the couple starting to dance, she balanced her head, with a amused smile and turned away, believing that perhaps, waynegangement could turn out into something other than a ruse, after all.










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